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               I met my husband, Bob, in 1968.  We were married on August 21, 1971.  We will be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary this year. We still bowl only once a week now, from September to April.  Bob is retired from driving taxi.  We also like to go to Nevada and California to visit friends and family.

    Where can the last ten years have gone? It can’t really be 40 years!!!!! But since I have a 33-year-old son and an almost 30-year-old daughter I guess it can indeed. Joe and I will have been married 35 years in August and are the proud grandparents of eight and a half month old Phoebe Shae. She is the light of our lives even though she is in Frisco Texas. Joe still is with the State of Washington and doing the daily Yakima commute. I have changed jobs a couple of times in the last ten, but am back once again at the Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce and I enjoy it more than ever. Ellensburg has always been home and we look forward to retirement years in the valley, even though we have a few more working years to go. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and hope that the Ellensburg weather holds!!!! Happy 40th.
    Wow, where has the time gone. Seems like only yesterday since we graduated!  Gary and I still reside in White Swan and will be celebrating our 39th Anniversary this August. Yikes, that’s along time to be married too the same old coot!
    I retired in April 2005 from the Operating Engineers Regional Training Program. The school is now located east of Kittitas on the Vantage Hwy.  I loved my commute when the school was located in White Swan, but I was so ready to retire after commuting two years to Ellensburg.
    I love being retired! I still have a list a mile long on all the things I want to get accomplished. LOL, I’m still working on most of them!  I got busy on E-Bay selling things part time.  Wow, I’m putting more hours in this adventure than I did at work. I’m just amazed as to what people pay for things and especially blown away as to what the Japanese pay for shipping.
    My daughter resides in Kittitas and is married to Chad Johnson. They gave us a very handsome blonde grandson “Austyn” who is 4.
    My son and his wife reside just across the field from us. They gave us a beautiful granddaughter “Alexis” who is 6 and a handsome grandson “Ryan” who is 4.
    I do love having the little ones. I now know why we had children when we were young. This Grandma’s always ready for a glass of wine when they leave!
    Gary and I spend most of our free time up at Lake Roosevelt.  It’s beautiful up there and the fishing is always good. Gary just bought himself the boat of his dreams. It’s a 22 ft.  SeaRay Express Cruiser. I thought our old Sun Runner was just fine, but I do have to admit I have really enjoyed the new boat. It has so much more room. It’s perfect for the little ones, and they love the water and the sand box, lol…that’s what Lexi calls the beach.
    My hardest accomplishment since graduation is I QUIT SMOKING in Feb. 2007. My next biggest goal that I hope to achieve is loosing the 25 pounds since I quit smoking and retired!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
    After graduation, I worked for Braniff Airlines as a stewardess.  I met my first husband while in Texas.  My two children, Collin and Andrea Crenshaw are from that marriage. We all moved back to Ellensburg where I got a divorce, went back to school at Central and got my BA degree in Education. 
    My first teaching job was at Moses Lake High School (1980) where I taught business courses.  During that time in Moses Lake, I got my Masters Degree in Counseling from Whitworth College.  I also met and married my current husband Roger (1985). He is an air traffic controller at Sea-Tac so living on the west side of the mountains was the next move.  I taught and did counseling at Renton High School and then moved to the Kent School District. I worked as Counselor for Meridian Jr. High till my retirement in the fall of 2003.
    In April of 2003 we built our retirement home in the active adult community of Quail Creek in Green Valley, Arizona, just south of Tucson.  I spend my winters down there and Roger saves all his vacation time and joins me once a month.  I usually come up for the summer and stay in his little apartment to escape the heat.  He will retire in 2008 and we will make Green Valley our main home.  We will however, be coming up for visits to the Northwest during summers so we can get our "green fix" and visit with family and friends. Retirement finds me busier than ever and having a lot of fun with all the activities, especially golf, and the many new hobbies to try out. We have met some great new friends from across the country, Canada and Europe. 
                My son, Collin Crenshaw, works for Van's Golf Shop in Scottsdale, Arizona and is an avid golfer with a single digit handicap. Andrea Crenshaw, my daughter, is Director of Outreach and Discipleship at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.  They are great kids (adults now!) and we have fun times when we get together.
    What have you been doing?
    Selling and managing paint stores for 37 years.
    Children – Shannon, Chad, Jennifer, and Eli
    5 Grandchildren – Gavin, Sidra, Maci, Kai and Ava
    Hobbies: My wife and I are Hot Air Balloon Pilots – “See you in the air!”
    Goals: Retirement someday

            This is something that may take sometime and we need to remember that the one and only typing class I ever had was in session when we lost President Kennedy in 1963.  In fact I remember the look on Mr. Burrows’ face when he walked into out classroom and announced that JFK had just been assassinated.  Truly, a sad day for all of us.
  We have been fortunate enough to stay in touch with many of you over the years and I still feel as though it hasn’t been that long ago that Mr. Brown handed us our diplomas.  Shortly after that celebration I went to work for W.G. Taylor Logging and spent the next seven months in the woods.  I remember well; $2.85 per hour (setting chokers) and I thought I had the world by the tail.  More money that I knew what to do with and I could fill up my car for about $4.00 if it was on empty!
            After leaving Ellensburg in the spring of ’68, I spent the next four years (plus) overseas with the Air Force where I met my wife who was attending college through Bowling Green University, Ohio.  We had a blind date that night, she got ill from the dinner I bought her and after about a month we got together again and have been together for the last 36 years, settling in the Chehalis area.  We bought our home in 1975 and thought we could never afford $28,500 for a house and 2.5 acres!  Times change!
            I worked in a hardwood sawmill for 11 years and then went to work for the local Caterpillar dealer, NC Machinery Co., and have been with them since.   We raised two beautiful daughters and they, now, are both married and have their own homes.  Jennifer, the oldest, is a dental hygienist who lives and works within the area and she and husband John are now enjoying their first child, Morgan, who’s all boy and 15 months old.  Our youngest daughter, Kelly, is married and lives in the Covington area and we celebrated this week, as a matter of fact, her husband Chris’ return from Iraq after one year away.  He is a law enforcement officer and spent 12 months assisting in training the Iraqi police force.  Kelly works in a design showroom in the Bellevue area and is our family’s professional artist.
            Camping and hunting are still high on my list of things to enjoy and, recently, I have added restoring old John Deere tractors to the always-growing agenda.  Also, Carol and I enjoy visiting and filming lighthouses.  We have a fairly extensive list of visitations at this point; mostly on the Pacific and a few on the Atlantic coast with many more in the near future.  Next year we hope to travel up to Maine and begin taking pictures for our collection. Once in your blood their fascination and romance never leave you.  Along with these pastimes there is always the ever-presence of our boat which we have enjoyed for the last 25 or so years.  We do (I do anyway!) plan on one a bit larger than present so that if we wish to be gone a month, we can do so comfortably.  That’s a great way to tour the lighthouses; up close and personal!
            Carol is, also, very involved in her church, currently serving as, both, bell choir and chancel choir directors.  Recently, she was part of their committee to select a new pastor after the previous pastor retired from serving on their pulpit for 31 years.
  Staying healthy, retiring and enjoying our families and friends are just a few of the things we are currently looking forward to very much.  After being in Chehalis for this many years it is unlikely that we would move off to Phoenix or somewhere that is much hotter than Ellensburg in the summertime.  (crazy, huh!)  Our plans are to stick around home and enjoy life. 
            One thing that I feel very fortunate about is the fact that so many of us from the EHS Class of ’67 are still in touch with each other.  We, now, enjoy the friendship and love that I never would have guessed existed 40 years ago and I am so thankful for that.  It is important that we all stay in touch and do not lose contact.  If you think you need to get hold of someone you’ve been thinking about, please do so.  The rewards are grand.  We have, especially, enjoyed our past three reunions and are looking forward to number four!  All of you; please take care and we will see you next month!           Shawn
DAVID DAWSON (Christine)
(As written by Christine, David’s wife)
After he graduated from EHS David went to Central & graded in '71 with a BA in philosophy. After goofing around for a few years he met the love of his life...ME!  We quickly became the parents of three beautiful children.  David went back to school and got his degree in radiography.  We then moved to Grays Harbor & have been here for 23 years.  Our oldest child, Michelle, is 34,   She works at the hospital here on the harbor.
Brennan is 26.  He lives in Portland and is a chemist at Microchip. Our baby, Rhiannon is 25.  She lives in Kirkland & works for Merrill Lynch.  David enjoys reading, photography, stained glass, Tai-Chi, cooking & working in our yard & garden in our lovely home on the hill.
That's all he'd let me put....he only wanted me to say that he was still alive!!
See you soon!
Marcia and I still live in Ellensburg and both of us hope to retire soon. Our boys are finally through school and on their own.  Our eldest, Randy, is a scientist in charge of research and development for a bio tech firm and the youngest, Tom, is an attorney.  Both boys ended up in California and the folks are in Arizona so we spend a lot of our time flying back and forth.  We have a second home in Arizona and plan to spend more time in the southwest after retirement.>
Life after high school.
Summer following our senior year, Renae Garvey and I moved to Courson Apartments. Had fun for the summer with our  Mustangs and then moved on.
I went to Central for a couple years, didn’t finish, took business courses.
Moved to the big city of Seattle with Kathy Griffin and Marsha Knutson. We rented in the the North end, Rainier area and Des Moines.  We had some great times and a lot of fun.
I then moved to West Seattle on the beach with a friend I met in college.
I went to work for a bank in downtown Seattle, then with Marsha at the photo processing plant, then to ABC Records, then onto being a receptionist for a Custom House Brokerage.
I went to Winthrop Wa. Camping with some friends and met my to be husband Ken.
We moved back to Ellensburg so he could finish college.
I went to work for Pacific Bank in Ellensburg in 1975
Ken and I married in my parents backyard in 1976
We moved back to Seattle when Ken took his first job out of college.
I just transferred and went to work for the same bank in Seattle.
We lived in West Seattle again.
1978 Our daughter Serina was born.
We moved to Portland, Oregon where Ken took his first job after training.
I once again transferred with the bank
1983 Our son Kenny was born in Vancouver, WA.  (by Portland)
We have lived and raised our children here and it has been a great spot.
I got my real estate license in the early 90’s and did real estate for a few years as a second job.
Running around looking at homes was my hobby.
I also decided I should have a Harley Davidison so me and Ken bought bikes and that was fun for about 7 years.
We bought an old cabin in Olympia, Wa on Puget Sound in 1997 and spend a lot of fun times there with friends and family.
My bank closed so I went to work in an office in Portland, Or. 9 years already.
Husband Ken retired 3 years ago.
We built our first home in 1994,  2nd in 2001, 3rd in 2003, 4th in 2005, and now have it for sale, we are building our 5th in Shelton, Wa.
We are moving to Shelton, Wa. to a small area called Lake Limerick.  We thought it might be fun for awhile as the children are grown up now.
We visit Ellensburg as my mom still lives there.  I have great memories and cannot even believe we are this age.
If anyone is in our area please call and come see us, we love to visit.
What have you been doing? “Retired, traveling, married, now going through a divorce, loving life and helping parents out.”
What have you been doing? “Gardener.”
Well let’s see.  I have now lived in King County longer than in Kittitas.  I now like the wind more than the rain.  I like the Ellensburg seasons more than the rain.  I like the Ellensburg traffic more than the Greater Seattle traffic.  All in all I enjoy going home more and more.  It’s quiet, beautiful, seasonal and I still have family living there.  My Mom and Dad are going to be celebrating their 59th Wedding Anniversary the end of July and have been together for 64 years.  WOW…..
            I am now on my second marriage going on 14 years.  We live in the Redmond, Washington.  I have two wonderful step children – Brian and Bethany.  My husband Fred sold his business in 1997; we retired and purchased a vacation home in Gilbert, Arizona living there part time.   We are members of the Seattle Yacht Club which keeps us very busy throughout the year and we boat as often as we can.  Right after Fred sold his business we decided to take a summer off and go boating.  We were out for 90 days and made it pretty far north but not to Alaska.  Now that we are in real estate and the busy season is in the summer months we don’t get out as much as we did. 
We were a little to young :>) to retire the first time in 1997 and when family issues brought us back to Washington State  we decided we just couldn’t take the rainy dark days and decided to go back to work.  We are now in real estate.  I sold my parents home for them a couple years ago and they now live next door in a home owned by my brother Tom Jr.  My sister Jodie still lives in Ellensburg also and owns two latte stands as well as working full time for a CPA. 
            I see and visit with my cousin Linda (Wilson) Hirsh often and talk to her thru emails almost daily.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the kids I met in kindergarten and graduated with at Ellensburg High School – GO BULLDOGS - and those that weren’t at the 30th class reunion.  I miss the ones that have passed and those that choose not to come.
Still 5’5 ”
Not Brunett anymore
Not 110 lbs. anymore
KATHY GRIFFIN (Bill Johnson)
I worked at Boeing for 30 years and was able to retire in October of 2004. We have been very busy since then keeping the house and yard in good shape. We spend many hours watching the grandkids (3 boys and 1 girl) play various sports and ballet. We have spent February and March of the last 2 winters in Yuma and have made many new friends and have found keeping up with the "old retirees" very challenging.
I keep in touch with several of my friends from high school and try to get together as often as possible. E-mail has been a wonderful thing!
It's hard to believe 40 years have flown by.   I moved since our last reunion and I love having a new old house with all the projects that have been accomplished and all the ones needing to be done.  There is always something to do when I am not working or spending time with my two grandsons.  Jacob just turned seven and Riley turned five in March.    My daughter Lisa and her husband bought a home in Gleed near Yakima so I get to spend lots of time with the grand boys.   Lisa is a x-ray tech and works 16 hour weekend shifts in the tri-cities.  Her husband Rocky works for the Yakima school district and coaches.  I have taken up the piano and take lessons weekly.  I will never be a Mozart but it has been lots of fun.  Maybe I'll play something for you all at the reunion :>)  I travel as much as I can and just returned from the Copper Canyon in central Mexico.  It is five times larger than our Grand Canyon.  What a cultural eye opener.  I still practice nursing at our local hospital and I love my life in the Operating Room.  I serve on  Washington State Nurses Association Cabinet for Economic and General Welfare as well as our local hospital Nursing Practice Committee and I do volunteer work for many organizations... including helping plan this 40th Reunion. The technology has advanced considerably in just 10 short years.  It's amazing what can be done at the flick of a button.  I have had a great time locating, meeting and talking with class mates!!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.   Best regards to all.
ZIPPY HOLMES NICKERSON (Rex)            I'm now into my 31st year of working at the Library at CWU - hoping to retire December 31, 2008.  For the past 15 years I have been the head of Circulation Services and have a staff of six classified staff and 12 - 15 students.  Rex and I have been married for 11 years now and we are living in the house I grew up in.       My oldest son, Bill Gelenaw, is 32, married and living in Richland - his stepdaughter is 16 years old and my only grandchild.  My younger son, Jonathan is living in Ellensburg and still living the single life.  We all like to go to Rennaisance Fairs, mostly in Washington state.  In September Rex and I are going to Ireland/Scotland for 10 days and I am really looking forward to that.        The rest of life is quite mundane, we have family around the basin (Quincy, Ephrata, & Soap Lake) and in Seattle and Kent so we spend time with all of them.  There is the excitement of nieces and nephews starting off their lives and having children.  Then the big excitement is watching the aging process turn us into pictures of our grandparents with attitudes of our parents slipping out.  I remember my dad not letting me listen to rock 'n' roll because that "jump" music would ruin the stereo.  I sound about the same way when I talk about hip-hop or even rap "----that's not even real music---".   Well, back to watching my entire body slide gently toward the earth........ 


Life History: I'm still working as a Superior Court Judge for Yakima County and actually get to Ellensburg from time to time as a visiting judge. I really enjoy the work but like all jobs it has good days and bad. Robin is known around here as "Flower Woman" and has a business designing and arranging (guess what? Flowers). Our three children are all grown and out of the house (at least this week). Same dog as last reunion..Jazmin...a Yorkie. In our spare time we like to retreat to our vacation house in Poulsbo or visit in Hood River, Oregon, where our oldest daughter lives. No grandkids yet. I still like to ski and snowshoe in the winter and garden in the summer. Used to golf some but couldn't afford all the clubs I broke over my knee. 

JOHN ISOTALO (Lorita)                 
 After 40 years the wife (Lorita Plaster – Thorp 67’) and I have traveled quite a distance but haven’t gotten very far.  We live just outside of South Cle Elum near our son and his family.  Lorita is the “Granny Nanny” for their 3 children.  Our daughter, son-in-law and our other 2 grandchildren are not too far away in Selah.
After 32 years with Safeway I opted for early retirement in July of  05’.  The hectic pace of retirement proved to be too much for us to handle.  Consequently, I went back to work the next spring for Suncadia, the emerging destination resort just outside of Roslyn, where I really enjoy the associate benefit of free golfing.
Sorry that we will miss out on the reunion festivities but we will be in Denver during that time visiting my wife’s brother and our sister-in-law.  Gaylord Plaster – Thorp 67’ and Sally Ransdell  E.H.S. 67’.
Hope everyone has a great time – see ya in 2017.
1967 - Left Ellensburg for Portland. Oregon
1972 - Graduated from the University of Portland with a BS in Nursing
1972 - Married Kevin Magin (from New York)
1972-1980 - Worked as an RN in pediatrics at the U of O Health Sciences Center and also for a family practice group of docs in Vancouver, WA (where we lived)
1978 - daughter Heather Maureen was born
1980 - we 3 moved to Lansing, MI  (Kevin had been teaching at the WA State School for the    Blind in Vancouver; he took an educational administrative job)
1982 - son Sean Kevin was born
1988- we 4 moved to North Muskegon, MI (Kevin took a position as Special Ed Director for a consortium of 5 local schools.)  I stayed home and was a mom/school volunteer/cub scout leader/ cheerleader/taxi driver, etc.
1999- I joined the US Census Bureau as a field representative; I go to homes and do a health survey for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
2007 - Kevin and I are still in North Muskegon.  I'm still with the Census Bureau.  Kevin is the Director of Special Ed for Wayne County (includes the city of Detroit).  He commutes on weekends. He is retired after 30 years in the Marine Corps Reserve. Heather lives in Grand Rapids, MI and works in the local music business.  Sean was in the US Marine Corps for 4 years (was in Afghanistan in 2004) and now lives and works in Charleston, SC.  He is a systems analyst testing and perfecting computer software for the military. Our 13 year old blond cocker spaniel, Corky, is my constant companion. He loves the car and will be with us on this trip to WA.

     Why, suddenly, do I feel like I have done nothing in the last 40 years?  Actually, I've been healthy and happy and so fortunate to have a healthy, happy family!    I am a V.P. and Trust Officer at U.S. Bank in Eugene, OR, where I've worked for 18 years.  I plan to work a few more years before retiring.  I'm married to Don Loomis, who is an attorney and Municipal Court Judge.  I'm currently serving on the Board for Womenspace, an agency which educates and assists people affected by domestic violence.  Don and I have four children:  Lisa, Scott, Janelle and Whitney and twelve grandchildren, ages two to fourteen.  Unfortunately, none of them live in the Eugene/Springfield area.  Half of the grandkids live near Portland and the other half live in either Arizona or N. Carolina.  One of our favorite things is spending time with the grandkids, and watching them play sports, and we do that as often as possible.  I love to walk distances and have been walking in races for the past eleven years.  In April I completed my 29th marathon.  Don and I spend time in Sunriver, OR, each year where we enjoy being outside, mostly walking and riding mountain bikes.  Our travel vacations consist mostly of  visiting family and walking trips.  However, our first trip abroad will be a walking tour in Italy this October.   I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

What have you been doing? “Same old stuff for a long time! Nothing new in my life.”
My life history as I see it!
1966   - Left Ellensburg at the end of my junior year because my folks moved to   
            Grinnell, Iowa
1967    - Graduated from Grinnell (Iowa) High School
            -Attended college at Cornell College, double majoring in political science and philosophy
            -Attended Arizona State University and got my Masters in Counseling Psychology
            -Tried out different types of professions, none to my satisfaction
            -Director of a Shelter Care Facility and then a Consultant in Developmental  Disabilities for the State of Idaho in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
-Took a position in Bakersfield, California as the Director of Operations at the Foundation for Medical Care, a TPA( a third party medical claims administrator) and then got married in 1981
-Director of the Student Accident Coverage program for the Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC) in Bakersfield, California.  The program covers about 150 public school districts in Central California
Other Stuff (equally important!)
            - Spouse - Linda - Chief of Programs for the Clinica Sierra Vista in Bakersfield
            - Married 26 years
            - Three children(all adults now)- two boys and one girl
            - Three grand kids - two girls and one boy
            -  Passion: Old wooden boat reconstruction
This is my 26th year working with the City of Ellensburg Energy Services in the Conservation Department. I only have four more years before retirement but I like my job so well I may work several more years. I work with new construction and a program you all have heard about called Energy Star. Since the building boom in Eburg started four years ago I keep very busy. I also have weatherization programs for existing homes that have partial grant funds to replace windows, insulation and heating systems. I even enjoy working with high utility bill complaints and making that customer happy again or at least most of them. Reminds me of working at my dad's grocery store.
I have been married to my lovely wife Alice for 20 years. Who ever said "Third time (marriage) is a charm" is right. I finally found my soul mate and best friend. Besides my city job my wife and I build one home every two years and sell it to help our kids either get through college or funds to work on their own homes. My wife Alice also works for the City of Ellensburg in the Finance Department so when ever we have time we work on our project house. We try to do most of the work ourselves but we both hate insulation & sheetrock.
We have two daughters. Naomi (20) is starting her second year at CWU and is still a joy to have at home. You'll see and meet Naomi at our class reunion since she will be our "free" class reunion photographer and will put all the pictures on a web page for you to view and purchase. Tonya (34) a great daughter and mother and has a wonderful husband (John) and two energetic kids, Alec (8) and Clair (3) and they live in Tacoma but soon moving over here, to our great valley, and live on our home place on Strande Road. This puts us 12 miles apart but close enough to still enjoy each other when we want to. If you have grand kids you know of all the fun that you can have with them. You all know that I lost a son some years ago but my son-in-law John ( born in 1967 ) is almost the same age as my son.  We get along very well and enjoy fishing and hunting together. We do things just like he was my son. I feel very blessed to have such a great family. My father passed away in 2001 but my mother is doing quite well for 89 and lives at Hearthstone here in Eburg. When I was growing up you all remember my dad's two grocery stores, the cattle ranch and raising hay. I enjoyed the hard work but I am sure glad my lifestyle is a lot slower than my dad's. When I first started driving my 1966 red two door Chev Malibu (oh how I miss that car) my dad would say to me. "You can stay out all night any night as late as you want but just remember the work day starts at 4 am so pace yourself cause I expect a full days work from you". My dad's other famous saying was "Find something you like to work on, after school or on weekends either at the grocery stores or on the ranch, because your probably not going to like what I give you to do". I am sure we all miss several quotes and things about our parents now that they are gone.
I hope you all have enjoyed the last ten years as I have. Stop by anytime we like drop in company. Bring your fishing pole. The coffee is always on. God Bless our classmates that have passed on. See you (God willing) at the next ten year reunion. Clay
I retired 5 years ago (May ’02) after a 31 year career with Washington State Fish and Wildlife Enforcement (Game Warden). My wife, Arvilla, is also retired as a Parks and Recreation Director for the city of Edmonds after a 30 year career in Parks and Rec.
Our two married daughters, Lacy and Lexie, both live in the Gig Harbor area.  We have twin 4 1/2  year old granddaughters (Lacy) and Lexie has a boy on the way with a due date of September 5.
Our main home is on Hood Canal just out of Belfair, but we have a house in Ellensburg where we spend a lot of time.
I hunt and fish in and out of state and Arvilla stays busy with parks and recreation citizen advisory groups and boards and she also contracts for consulting and grant acquisition.  We have permanent seats for the Indy 500 and the Ellensburg Rodeo – how’s that for variety?! No – I don’t own a motorcycle.  And I shutter at the thought of playing golf!
GARY POWELL (Jennifer)
Since the last 10 years which I’m sure you all remember--- My life has been on a fast track but getting easier as we approach our retirement years. Four of our children are completely off the dole and supporting themselves and their families. Our last will entering college this fall and will be attending Chapman University in Calif. Only 4 more years and then we can relax. 
We now have four grand children and we love them immensely. We enjoy having them around to entertain us while we get older.
Jennifer and myself are attempting to move back to E’burg in the near future. We spend a lot of our free time in E’burg—seeing family and enjoying the recreation that is here. We need to move from the Puget Sound area before the traffic drives us crazy. 
With all the building growth in Washington business has been very good for the lumber industry. We have started a lumber yard in E’burg to help with all the new construction that is going to change the landscape of Ellensburg in the future. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing some good stories that have changed the lives of many……
It has been a busy 10 years for the Rehaume family.  Our family has grown by 4 grandsons since our last reunion in 1997.  This year Jacob Michael Dolezal was 6 in April, Justin Douglas Dolezal turned 9 in June, Trey Douglas Bennett will turn 9 in August, and Tanner Curtis Bennett will be 7 in October.  All four are playing baseball, going to sports camps have already been to Bible School and it’s just the beginning of July!
            After selling Kittitas County Title Company and Yakima Title and Escrow, Doug is continuing his interest in real estate investment.   His favorite past-time, though, is his grandsons.  They have graduated from playing whiffle ball with grandpa to t-ball, then coach pitch and now regular little league.   A couple of them are on an AAU basketball team and play in weekend tournaments. (The two older boys played in Hoopfest in Spokane a couple of weekends ago)  We spend lots of time watching the kids’ ball games! (and the Mariners and Gonzaga Bulldog basketball) No, Doug doesn’t have GU season tickets!
I finished a seven year commitment serving the Washington State Chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood as a state officer, presiding in 2003-04. I resigned my teaching position as music specialist at Lincoln Elementary in 1998 to take on the seven year volunteer job.  Serving the state chapter on committees and doing some local chapter work are activities I still enjoy.  I have learned way more about computers, excel, publishing, word processing, and power point than I ever really wanted to know!  Of course, the four boys get lots and lots of my attention, too.
Rubber stamping projects and upgrading my knitting skills take more of my time.  My newest creations are felted purses and bags.       
We enjoy our motor home tremendously. We have made many trips through the years to Southern California (Disneyland, San Diego, Palm Desert) and back.  This year we are spending quite a bit of time in Deer Park, Washington at Deer Park Golf and RV Resort, (and we don’t even own golf clubs) where we are just 15 miles north of daughter Beth and her boys’ home in north Spokane.  Our traveling companions are our Solomon Eclectus Parrot, Kahana Guiseppe Verdi – Joe,   and our Lhasa Apsos (dog) – Latte. Our cat, Lilly, and our parakeet stay at home.  (Doug and Joe are pictured on the reunion web site.) Our older daughter, Traci and her husband, Chad, live in Ellensburg, just 3 blocks away from our home.  It is nice that their boys can just ride their bikes to see us most anytime. It has been fun for both of us as members of the reunion committee again this year!  Thanks especially to Roylene Crawford, Judi Lyons, Brenda Standley, Clay Mc Mechan, Geoff Fitterer, Tim Eckert, and Fred Schnebly for their time and effort to rally the troops to make our 40th reunion a success.  (LR)
 After High School I attended YVC for 2 years.  Following that I began working as a Plumber (something I have done all of my adult life) in my Father’s business in Ellensburg. After a couple of years I moved to California where I married and had 2 children Billy and Shannon (now in
their 20's). After 18 years in California during which time my marriage ended I returned home to Ellensburg to help my parents. In 1999 I met my wife Ena who lived in North Idaho. We were married in 2001. At the time of our marriage we had 4 teenagers  and 1 grandchild between us. Today our daughters, Shannon, Geneva and April are attending college and Billy is working in Coeur d'Alene. We now have 3 grandchildren, Haley, Daniel and Kyle and are living in Hayden, Idaho next to Coeur d'Alene. When we are not working or visiting our grandchildren we are playing on our boat, traveling, visiting friends and family and enjoying our life in North Idaho. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
What have you been doing?
Selling Real Estate, traveling. Tending 2 granddaughters, both elderly parents ( 87), keeping up with my marriage to Joel Smith 32 years, volunteering in our community and gardening.

We moved to Chicago at the end of August after my graduation. Classes started the last week in September at Illinois Tech so there was little chance to adjust to life in the big city before it was time to go back to school. Four years later I had a BS from IIT. I majored in math and a minored in physics. Two years after that, I had an MS in Applied Math from the University of Illinois at Chicago Campus. I had no idea of what I wanted to do for a living, but it was time to get a job.

There wasn't much demand for math majors then. That is probably the case even today. After several months of fruitless searching, I decided it was time to look elsewhere. There seemed to be unlimited opportunities in the up-and-coming field of data processing. I had no experience or education in computers but companies were willing to provide training. So I gave it a shot and landed a job as a computer operator in a small Chicago bank. From there I moved from job to job and company to company. After 33 years, I am still working in the computer field.

I left Chicago in August 1979 and moved to Seattle. It didn't take long to find work as a programmer at Washington Mutual. A year later, I purchased my first house, a two bedroom rambler in the south end of Seattle. Although there are many things to see and do in Chicago, it is a great place to be from!

In February 1981 a friend insisted that I accompany him to the monthly meeting of an organization for data processing professionals. I had expressed an interest in becoming a member but I had the flu and the only thing I wanted to do was to go home and get to bed. He persisted and I finally gave in and went. We mingled with the other attendees and eventually he introduced me to Lillian Chin, a former coworker of his. As sick as I was, Lillian and I hit it off very well. Unfortunately, I managed to lose whatever information we exchanged so we didn't see or contact each other until the March meeting. We started dating shortly after then and on July 4, 1981, I proposed. Lillian and I were married in a small Baptist church in the south end of Seattle on March 14, 1982. The next day we flew to Honolulu for a week on Waikiki for our honeymoon. This year we marked our 25th anniversary by taking an island hopping cruise of 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai. That friend of ours later confessed to playing matchmaker. He did rather well.

My house was too small for a family and it was not in a particularly nice neighborhood. We sold it and purchased a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, split-level in Lynnwood in August 1982. Our son Robbie was born in July 1983. Our daughter Debbie was born in November two years later. Robbie graduated from UW in 2006 with a BA in communications. He is a benefits analyst for an insurance brokerage in downtown Seattle. He wants to go back to school for his MBA. Debbie is a senior at UW. She is double majoring in economics and sociology, and minoring in law, society, and justice. She is thinking about going to law school. At this rate they will never leave. Both "kids" still live at home, in the same house we bought 25 years ago.

Take care, everyone!

Don and his wife Judy have lived in the same home for 36 years.  It’s finally feeling larger now that the kids have left.  Don is a plumbing contractor.  In his spare time he enjoys hiking, biking, and hunting with his wife.   
Sorry but I will not be able to attend. Please extend my greeting and apology to all.
After traveling the to many places in the US and its territories with FEMA I took
a job with them in Orlando a couple years ago. I serve as the Mitigation Branch Director of the FEMA Florida Long Term Recovery Office. Now we are mostly engaged in processing applications and managing approved projects that lead to less damages from disaster
Gayle and I bought a home on a small lake with a green space behind. There is a gator in the lake and lots of fish, turtle and birds which we enjoy.
We kept our place in Issaquah and will return to the Northwest sometime. We miss home and are considering a change, perhaps in the near future. I like the south but miss the mountains and all the beauty of home.
We are grateful to the Lord for all His goodness and love. Growing in that dimension of life has been an adventure. 
Sorry to miss you all.
I still have my State Farm Insurance agency in Chehalis and Janet substitute teaches, but we spend as much time as possible in Arizona.  Oldest son Quinn lives and works in the Vancouver area….daughter Brooke lives in Issaquah and works for the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland….and youngest son Shay is in his LAST YEAR of college in Arizona (thank God!)  We're really enjoying our 1st Grandson---15 months….What a treat!
            In a nutshell…we love traveling, spending time with our family and playing golf.  If your traveling I-5, stop by…my office is only a mile off the freeway.
I have been embracing life and having fun.  In 1999, I got a job with Wafertech which is a pure play foundry in Camas, WA whose mother company is Taiwan Semiconductor.  Companies contract with us to put the layers on wafers which are used in their end products such as cell phones, PC, airbags, gaming systems, etc.  I started as a production specialist in the manufacturing department and in 2000 was promoted into a process technician position where I get to work with engineers and solve problems.  Love the international flavor and challenge of the job.  Quite a switch from my career path beginnings as a teacher.
This year I have been taking ballroom dance lessons.  I'm also knee deep into rubber stamping and gardening as hobbies.  Las Vegas has been my travel destination of late.  Married---never.  Children---none.
Still married -   believe it or not. 37 years. We still live in Issaquah. Our son Jeff is 20 and still trying to find himself. We still work for PSE, Dick 33 years, Elaine 30 years. We keep trying to retire but they keep offering us more money to stick around. Maybe next year.
Elaine and I have a 5th wheel and we like to travel around on our time off. We spend alot of time at Ocean Shores or Long Beach. Dick still likes to chase a golf ball around the course. Still doesn't play very well.  We are both looking forward to seeing everyone.
Worked on several ranches around Ellensburg after graduation.
Served in the U. S. Navy from 1969-1970 with two tours in Viet Nam. (thanks, Dennis O.)
Went to college for three years at YVC and CWU.
Married Pat Worst in 1973 until the present- 34 years and still going strong.
Moved to the “Deep South” in 1973 to manage a cattle operation.
We have two great children and have managed to get or put them through college at Miss State U. (huge debt $end fund$. Katie is 28 with a degree in nutrition and Chris is 24 with a degree in ag engineering. Both are gainfully employed and neither are married. We told them it is better to wait and make sure before saying “I DO”.
The cattle operation was liquidated in 1986 and I began working in and learning the wholesale hardware business.
Currently the COO of Southern Hardware Company, Inc. in West Helena, Arkansas just a hop across the Mississippi River from where we live. (28 miles.)
We’ve been members of First Presbyterian Church PCA for 30 plus years. The church is a big part of our lives-worshipping the Lord, fellowshipping, and serving others. I’m leading a mission team to Belize, Central America the middle of June. This will be our fourth trip there. We do construction work on a Christian high school and gospel ministry with the children. It is rewarding and fulfilling to be able to serve Jesus in His great commission and to minister to others.
I wish I could see “you all” this summer but won’t be able to-maybe in 2014. That date makes us sound old.
May all of you be blessed and remember God is good all the time.
ps-getting old isn’t for sissies.
Your friend from 67’,     John Stoltman
My husband and I are still in this lovely town that we like so well. For the last 23 yrs I have been working for the St. Vincent Center, formerly St. Vincent de Paul. My husband Alan is enjoying the good life (retired from driving jobs). We have 2 grandchildren that are a joy to us. Everything else is about the same with the exception that we are a little older and I hope a little wiser. We look forward to seeing you all again.
I am a retired high school/college instructor and office automation specialist.  Dick is retired military (USN), retired computer analyst and real estate broker.  We both retired in 1998 and have enjoyed a relaxed, retired life.  In the early years of our marriage, we were able to travel extensively around the world so now we regularly opt for shorter sightseeing trips around the western states.  Two vacations a year suit us quite well.  We choose to travel by car (too much hassle at the airports) and enjoy the more leisurely mode of vacation.  Besides that, our cat likes to ride in the car too!
We thoroughly enjoy the southwest.  We have lived in Tucson for 25 years and in Albuquerque for eight years before our move here so we are accustomed to a desert environment.  Some people detest the heat, but it's all a state of mind.  It's a dry heat!!!  We collect southwestern art and pottery and of course, jewelry!  We have a very spoiled, long-haired calico cat who travels with us wherever we go.  She thinks she is a pampered princess and has us wrapped around her little paw!  Actually, she is and she does!!
            Well guys, that's about it.  Hope that you have a wonderful reunion!  Maybe I'll see you in 10!
Give everyone my regards, will you please?  My life history is brief but busy.  I
have just been working and raising four children, Rob 31, Chris 26, Greg 21,
and Gina 17, with my husband of 35 years, Gary.  I am very grateful for my
life and my wonderful family.   Have fun!
Since our last reunion, I am still teaching at Arthur Smith School in Grandview.  After teaching third grade for ten years, I changed to Reading Specialist, grades K-3, which I've been doing for the past six years.  It has been quite a challenge!  Bob, my significant other, is still working in the Grinding Department for General Electric Aerospace.  He is looking forward to retiring in June of next year.  Bob and I have made several trips to Pittsburg to visit with his daughter, Deanna, husband John, and their two children, Tyler, age 4 and Justin, age 3.  Bob has made additional trips to visit at Christmastime.  We visit his son, Troy,  in Tacoma once or twice a year.  In late spring and summer, Bob and I enjoy frequent short trips in our 28-foot travel trailer, often taking our three grandchildren with us.  Meloni, my youngest daughter, works for her dad in his rental equipment store.  She enjoys driving her PT Cruiser and taking care of her many animals, including numerous tropical fish, a bearded dragon lizard, two cats, and two dachshunds.  My oldest daughter, Melissa, lives with her husband in Terrace Heights. Their three children are Ethan, age 4, Jillian, age 6, and Abby, age 8.  Both Jillian and Abby played baseball this year, with Abby playing soccer as well.  After three dedicated years, Melissa completed her 4-year degree in Computer Science at Heritage University last year.  She graduated with highest honors (a 3.95 GPA) and was one of only two girls graduating in Computer Science.  She now has a great job with the Yakima Valley Regional Library as a Procurement Manager and also works in the Information Technology Department.  My mom still lives on her own in Ellensburg at Rosewood and celebrated her 89th birthday this year. 
What have you been doing?   “Moving more slowly.”   Stephen Walker

I moved to Seattle the summer of “67 and worked at Pacific Northwest Bell for two summers, returning to Central for classes in the fall.
I met my husband on a blind date 1969 and married in 1970; 1971 & 1972 had two wonderful children (Chad & Amy) fifteen months apart. Taught preschool in Duvall 1976. Went to work for the Riverview School district 1977 – 1990.  Started working for Microsoft August 1991 and I’m still here. What a wonderful wild ride it’s been while working here.  Bought 20 acres and a 5000 sq ft house in Hamilton, Montana and still own it.  May try to sell it this year.
Took up skiing when the kids were grown and loved skiing many places… Mt Bachelor, Lost trails, Sun Valley, Whitefish, Red Lodge,  Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, and a few I’ve forgot.  Haven’t skied in a few years now, but hope to again someday.  Lived 27 years in Duvall, divorced in 2000, after 30 years of an interesting married life.  I have lived in Woodinville for 7 years.  Attended motorcycle training and bought my first bike July 2000.
Highlights in my life:  1974 Sailed around the Hawaiian Island on a 50 ft boat; Visited Maui for my daughters graduation present, 1991.  Visited Kauai in 1996, great snorkeling and beautiful island.    :) August 1997 Traveled to Colorado for a 10 day pack trip with three friends; horseback riding, camping, fishing.  It was a dream come true.  2002 Riding in the Children’s Hospital motorcycle ride from Seattle to SRA race track, along with thousands of other bikes, what a rush.  2006 visited Alaska.   2007 visited Arizona, Texas, California and heading across country to Florida the end of August. (2007 favorite song.. “Live like you were dying”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lyd1PoWyKE )
Bill and I married in Ellensburg in April of 1972.  We lived there a year and then moved to Memphis, TN, which is where Bill grew up.  Were live there a total of 18 years.  We have 5 children:  Matt, Will, Tess, Mary and Anna.  Three are married.  Our youngest is in college.  We moved to Greenville, South Carolina to attend Bible College in the early 80’s and moved back out west – to Battle Ground in 1994.  Bill is a pastor and a writer – Christian books.  I help - as his editor.  I home schooled our two youngest and discovered I love to teach!  We are now empty nesters, but busy, happy and thankful for a good marriage, solid family and our faith in Jesus Christ.  Can you believe we’ve been out of school 40 years?!  Hello and warm greetings to the Class of 1967!
After short stints (I did graduate) at WSU and the University of Oregon, I've been a Seattle resident since 1974, first in the University District, then the Wallingford District, then Alki, and now North Seattle.  No stints in the military, but I do support the troops, just not that guy.
After being an attorney for 32 years, I need no more practice practicing law, but I’m not ready to retire (maybe I will die in the saddle).  I concentrate on the legal side of real estate transactions and estate planning for clients (where there's a will, everyone wants to be in it).  I do not go to our downtown Seattle office most days since I telecommute from my home office (telecommuters try to tell other commuters to get out of their cars, but to no avail).
I am married for the second time.   No children (I know it sounds like a country western song, but I married the wrong woman at the right time and the right woman at the wrong time).   I do have a very significant step daughter.   No pets (just the neighbor’s cat that likes to come in through our bathroom window, like the Beatles song)